Blago Trial Winners and Losers


John Kass wrote an interesting piece in the Chicago Tribune regarding the “winners” and “losers” of the Blagojevich trial even before the verdict is rendered. Here is a link to his article:,0,347144.column?page=1

To me, the one big “loser” in all of this is the citizenry of Illinois. The jury will decide whether Blago’s actions were criminal or just good ole’ politics. Regardless of the verdict, however, all of the State’s other politicians are breathing easier because this trial is desensitizing Illinoisans to the fact that politicians’ actions are “OK” even if they are not in the State’s best interests. At best, and the conclusion which Blago’s lawyers want reached, the evidence shows that all of the State’s politicians are willing to compromise, trade and negotiate on their positions if they are given enough to do it.

It is extremely difficult to get good legislation passed in Springfield, regardless of which party is in power, unless the legislators get something for it. They don’t necessarily demand money, but they certainly look for support in other ways.

Why can’t we get Illinois policy action just for the sole reason that it is good for the State? Blago wants us to believe that getting something in exchange for something else is nothing worse than the way things are done in Illinois. The sad truth is he’s correct and it has nothing to do with political party labels; that’s just the way it is.

Blago’s verdict will come soon enough but even before this trial started, all of us were the big losers.


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